Flickr Browser in JavaFX

A Flickr photo browser application implemented in JavaFX.

flickr browser screen shot
flickr browser screen shot

This application is based on top of the Media Browser implementation provided at Media Browser Tutorial and with added features to use Flickr APIs to search for public photos.


1. When a user name is typed in the text field, public photos belonged to that user will be retrieved.

2. Each time at most 15 photos will be shown on the screen. If there is more, “Prev” and “Next” buttons allow you to navigate to different pages. You can also jump to any chosen page by clicking the “Go” button.

3. Few Flickr APIs are implemented in JavaFX:

  • flickr.people.findByUsername
  • flickr.people.getPublicPhotos
photo pops up when the thumbnail is clicked
photo pops up when the thumbnail is clicked

How to run it ?

1. download jar file of this application from

2. download media component jar file from This jar file is also available from media browser tutorial download file.

3. obtain an API key from Flickr

4. from the command line, type

javafx -cp FlickrBrowser.jar;mediacomponent.jar  flickr.Browser  YOUR_API_KEY

note:  flickr.Browser is the main class, YOUR_API_KEY is your flickr API key.

Known issues:

1. Since each photo is retrieved by a new HTTP request, if “Prev”, “Next” or “Go” button is clicked again before all photos are retrieved, photos resulting from this additional request will also show up on the screen.

2. Error message handling is not completely implemented. No error message will be shown on the screen if error occurs.

Future Improvement:

1. Allow user to search photos based on Tag or text, etc.

Flickr Browser in JavaFX

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