Developing Spring Web Flow 2 Application part 6 – Misc and References

As part of “Developing Spring Web Flow 2 Application” series, this post shows some application details and reference document.

This Shopping Cart application is developed based on the work done in this tutorial and Spring Web Flow Reference Application.

There are still some implementation details not finished, such as:

  1. Credit Card Expiration Date validation logic
  2. Order confirmation number is not automatically generated
  3. Order and shopping items are not persisted
  4. Products should be retrieved from the database instead of created in the program


Versions of framework/library used in this application are:

  1. Spring: 2.5.6
  2. Spring MVC: 2.5.6
  3. Spring Web Flow: 2.0.7
  4. Spring Security: 2.0.4
  5. Hibernate: 3.2.1
  6. MySQL connector: 5.1.6
  7. MySQL server: 5.1
  8. Tomcat server: 6.0.18


Eclipse project for this application can be downloaded from here.

Database Tables

This application is using MySQL as the database. Before deploying, we need to setup
tables. Please use tables.sql file to create tables first. file contains the username and password information, please change
it to fit your environment.


  1. Tutorial: Build a Shopping Cart with Spring Web Flow 2.0 – by by Willie Wheeler
  2. Spring Web Flow A Practical Introduction – by Erwin Vervaet
  3. Spring Web Flow Examined – by Steven Devijver
  4. Spring Web Flow Reference Guide – version 2.0.7
  5. Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach – by Gary Mak
  6. Spring Security Reference Document – version 2.0.x
  7. Spring by Example
  8. HTTPS TO HTTP switch – Spring Forum discussion

Developing Spring Web Flow 2 Application part 6 – Misc and References

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